Oakworth Village Society organizes Oakworth’s annual Summer Gala for the village every year, usually on the first Saturday of July. It starts with the groups which are processing, assembling on Windsor Road at 1:00 pm for judging at 1:15 pm by our honoured guests.

The Procession begins at exactly 2:00 pm with a march down Low Bank Lane to the Golden Fleece and turning left onto Colne Road and heading back towards the village. We pass through the the village to the mini-roundabout at the bottom of Lidget, and turn right down Station Road then a quick left into Victoria Road and end the march outside the Cooperative Society building. Everyone then moves along Victoria Road and into the School playing fields for the main event on the Gala Field for the day.

Buckets are carried alongside the procession by volunteers for donations to support the work of the Village Society.

The main gala has the usual stalls and entertainment, followed by children’s races. and our annual ‘Village Run’ leaving Dockroyd Lane and running across 4 miles and back to the Gala Field.

Occasionally the weather beats us and we cannot hold the Gala on the School playing field so we end the procession at the front of the School and enter the front gates to go through to the main school playground and hold the gala in there instead. It’s a bit of a squeeze but we always manage to have a great time. We are always grateful to the Oakworth Primary School Governors, Head Teacher and Staff members for supporting us each year